Liberation – A Healing Weekend Exclusively for Rainbow Bridge Graduates

The theme for our Graduate weekend this year will be Liberation, moving up the chakras to unbind ourselves from what no longer serves, and sealing the healing work by working back down through them. A weekend to reconnect and to deepen in practice.

The venue is a magical, private healing space in Kilmacanogue, North Wicklow on the slopes of the Great Sugarloaf mountain, we’ll send you the location details and details about what to bring by email after you book. The course is non-residential, starting at 9:45am for a 10am start and finishing at around 5pm each day.

Early bird rate of €135 is available if you book and pay for your place in full before 30 April 2019.

You can book by clicking on the links below to pay by Paypal/Credit or Debit Card. Alternatively, you can book by emailing us on and sending us a bank transfer.

Click this link for Early Bird Booking via Paypal/Credit/Debit Card – €135 (on or before 30 April 2019) 

Click this link for Full Price Booking via Paypal/Credit/Debit Card – €150 (after 30 April 2019)

Contact us on if you have any questions.


NZ Tour: Revision & Renewal – A Healing Retreat with Declan Hammond

Revision & Renewal
– A Healing Retreat with Declan Hammond –
Working together for three days, in a safe residential setting, participants will deeply explore living and working from an energetic (chakra) perspective.
During our time together we will support each journeying deeply. We will explore how our energetic structures have been shaped
by our life circumstances and how we can re-programme these, to live more fully, in service of our higher life purpose.
* A personal healing journey through the Chakra system
* A new model for professional practice
* Health and vitality for practitioners and patients
* Tracking energy – identifying and clearing obstacles to energy flow
* Enhancing observation/perception skills
* The power of Presence
* Case-taking and prescribing from an energetic perspective
* Fresh insights into “new” and “old” remedies
* Practice building
* Tools for continued self-care/healing
* Creating and manifesting a new vision for practice
This retreat is particularly suitable for courageous therapists and healers who wish to expand their understanding
of energy medicine through a comprehensive programme of self-care and renewal.
(Please wear loose clothing, suitable for movement. Bring a pen and journal, set of coloured pencils, yogamat and and an open heart/mind)
To book and for price info, contact Sue at
“Declan’s recent summer retreat in Helsinki has profoundly changed my worldview 
and brought me deep healing for wounds that I wasn’t even aware that I had.” 
– Nina, Helsinki
Declan Hammond is co-founder and former director of The Irish School of Homeopathy, a homeopath, transpersonal therapist and shamanic practitioner.
His retreats and unique Rainbow Bridge programme of self-care for practitioners have brought healing, transformation (and fun) to many.


NZ Tour: SOUL EMERGING – Meeting Serious Mental and Spiritual Challenges with Homeopathy

– Meeting Serious Mental and Spiritual Challenges with Homeopathy –
In traditional indigenous cultures, when people undergo trauma such as abuse, loss of a loved one, life-threatening illness, accidents, addiction etc, they are considered to have lost a part of their essential nature, their “soul”. Non-ordinary states of consciousness such as voice hearing, vision seeing, depersonalisation, dissociation, anxiety and depression commonly follow this loss.
In these cultures, the ability to experience such states is often considered to be initiatory, a “blessing”, a sign that the “patient” has now access to a deeper state of aliveness. When actively supported by the community and its healers the “patient” is primed for a potential new role in his/her community and a new spiritual emergence.
In contrast, current Western medical practice has pathologised and medicated these states, the patients afflicted left carrying a terrible stigma and often isolated from their families and community.
In this seminar, Declan Hammond will present an alternative view of “madness”. He will present cases and experiences from his practice where patients have been treated with a unique synthesis of traditional healing techniques and innovative use of “new” and “old” homeopathic medicines. By recovering the parts of their psyche that they had lost, these patients have been able to transform their experience of “madness” into journeys of self-discovery and deep healing; their challenging experiences of non-ordinary consciousness into new levels of awareness and spiritual awakening.
Declan Hammond is co-founder and former director of The Irish School of Homeopathy, a homeopath, transpersonal therapist and shamanic practitioner. His life and work have been a passionate search for the most effective healing tools for himself and his patients. This journey has taken him all over the globe studying Eastern and Western approaches to healing, tantra yoga and traditional shamanic healing practices. Declan has developed a unique synthesis of these ancient and modern healing techniques and works with individuals and groups to empower deep personal growth, healing and spiritual transformation. 
Declan has a huge passion for teaching, sharing his experiences and skills. He began teaching shortly after he started practicing, first in Denmark, then in India and the Far East. He has since taught in England, Wales, Holland, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Israel, New Zealand and Ireland; is a regular guest speaker at homeopathic and mental health conferences.


Winter Solstice Distance Healing Ceremony

Those of you who have worked with us may know that we keep a Book of Healing and Reconciliation that we pray over whenever Soul Medicine work is done. At sunrise on the day of the Winter Solstice, we will be performing a Distance Healing Ceremony from Newgrange, one of Ireland’s most sacred sites that has particular power at this time.

If you have already written names in the book while doing Soul Medicine work with us, we will pray over the book and more healing energy will be sent. We are no longer adding names to our book for this particular ceremony, but will put out a prayer to all those connecting to us in prayer/meditation at the time of the Solstice sunrise, so do feel free to join us in this way.

If you have asked for healing for yourself, or know that you are in the book, you may choose to join in meditation or prayer for an half an hour from 8:30am to 9am, while the ceremony is going on. Or indeed you may be receiving the healing in your sleep, that wonderful deep meditation practice!

We’ll put an update about the healing ceremony on our Facebook page (which can also be viewed if you don’t have a Facebook account) after it is done.

We very much look forward to connecting with you in this special way.


The Compassionate Search for the Lost Soul

The search for the lost soul: Addiction is rife in all parts of society. Some of these addictions are more socially acceptable than others. Every culture has its prejudices for and against certain substances and behaviours: Addicts everywhere are condemned for their refusal (or inability) to give up something deemed to be damaging to their own or other’s health while society as a whole shares the same blindness and rationalisations.

Declan Hammond writes about Soul Loss and Addiction in Spectrum of Homoeopathy. Republished with thanks.

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Death – The Final Frontier

My first encounters with dying patients were nervous, uncertain affairs. Unsure of my role as a homeopath and the needs of my patients, I let myself be guided by the demands of family members who wanted me to “do something” or by the requests of medical staff for “gentle medication”. I noticed that my responses to these demands were often clouded by my own unconscious feelings about death – my proximity to death seemed to highlight and amplify all my own fears, insecurities, and wounding. I realized that if I were to be of real service to my dying patients, I had to do some deep inner work to heal myself and find some new tools that were not to be found in my homeopathic texts.

Declan Hammond writes about Death in Spectrum of Homoeopathy. Republished with thanks.

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Coming Home – A Soul Medicine Chakra Journey

Join Declan Hammond and Louise O’Donnell of Soul Medicine for a special evening of soul-nourishing meditations, visualisations, chants and dance to come home to yourself.

Held in a sacred ritual space bridging the worlds of tantra, shamanism and homeopathy, you will be invited to:

  • Connect with your inner wisdom and expand awareness of your energy body
  • Open to the medicine that your soul needs in each chakra
  • Work with sacred plant spirit to support the revitalisation of your chakras
  • Take home some tools and techniques for tuning up your energy body
  • Have fun!

Advance booking and queries, email

Learn more about Declan & Louise and their extended chakra healing course The Rainbow Bridge.

Keep in touch via the Soul Medicine Facebook Page.




Soul Medicine Chakra Healing Conference Call

We invite you to join us for a Chakra Healing Meditation conference call on Tuesday 10 October at 8pm (Irish time). We offer a guided meditation to connect with each of the chakras and invite blessings to strengthen and balance them. It’s free to join in from wherever you are in the world, and a good preparation for the months ahead. We will be doing some sounding as a group during the meditation and there will be the opportunity to share your experience of the meditation. The call is also an opportunity to find out more about our extended programme: The Rainbow Bridge.

The meditation will be by conference call with options to join online or by phone. You will get full information about how to join the call when you register.

If you are joining us, please create a quiet space for the meditation without interruption from others or the telephone. The call will last for around an hour.

The call will also be available to listen to again for a week after the event. We will put a link on this page and on our Facebook page when the recording is available.


Email us on to book your place and to receive the full details about how to join the call.


Winter Solstice – Men & Women’s Circles at Newgrange

This is an annual overnight indoor & outdoor experience held by some of Ireland’s wise Elders and Healers with Sweat Lodges, Drumming Circle & Fire Ritual, Despacho Offering, Celtic Chants & Mythology, Men’s & Women’s Empowerment circle, Ceremony for Sunset at Dowth & Sunrise at Newgrange, Procession from Dowth to Newgrange, Music & Dance. Communal Sleeping space & Food included.

Declan Hammond and Louise O’Donnell will be leading the Men’s & Women’s Empowerment Circles and the Ceremony at Sunrise at Newgrange.

For more information and to book visit


Soul Medicine Circle – Healing / Meditation Group Dublin

Drawing on the worlds of meditation, shamanism, tantra and homeopathy, this is a regular space for group work to explore healing, spirit-filled connections and deep sharing in a safe and confidential space. With Declan Hammond and Louise O’Donnell.

No experience required. All are welcome.
Please book your place in advance by emailing

A concessionary rate of €10 is available.

Usually last Thurs of each month, with occasional exceptions.