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Spirituality and the City – Intimacy

Intimacy has become almost an obsession for me. It is what I crave most in my relationships with lovers; what I value most in my friendships. It feeds me on every level, makes my heart sing, turns me on, adds juiciness and aliveness to my every contact, and is a constant reminder of all the riches that life offers. Rooted in presence and acceptance, it invites me to live my life in the most authentic way, to trust and to relate honestly, to listen and share without prejudice, to move beyond the tyranny of old stories and meet the other in trust, without barriers or projections. Whether alone in nature, in my lover’s embrace or in a gathering of friends, intimacy calls me home, reminds me of who and what I am, and challenges me constantly to be fully alive to all of life and love’s possibilities.

Declan Hammond speaks about intimacy for Positive Life magazine.