The Rainbow Bridge Online

A 7 Month Programme To Heal & Balance the Energy Body 

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“The Rainbow Bridge is a profound life-changing experience – one you will not want to miss. Declan and Louise are wonderful soul midwives for transformation, healing, coming home and blossoming into your true self.” – Tracy, Co Cork.


The Rainbow Bridge is a life-changing soul journey with Declan Hammond & Louise O’Donnell. This course is for anyone wanting to develop a deep, practical understanding of the chakras for their own personal healing in a safe, supportive community of kindred spirits. It is particularly suitable for therapists and healers who wish to expand and renew their understanding of energy medicine through a comprehensive programme. Over seven months we will journey together using the seven chakras as a map of consciousness and an evolutionary tool to reclaim our wholeness. Using experiential practices such as meditation, creative visualisation and knowledge from the worlds of tantra, shamanism & homeopathy, we will support each other in exploring, balancing and healing ourselves. This work is so important in these times of challenge. This autumn we are delighted to offer this programme online via Zoom so you can practice in community in the convenience of your own home. 

“I can 100% recommend this course to anyone with an interest in learning about the chakras and how to develop a deeper understanding of this amazing energy that is within all of us. Declan and Louise are gifted practitioners who have presented the course in a very creative and inspirational way.” – Jackie, Co Meath

The course will:

  • Explore how each chakra functions in health & dis-ease
  • Provide a practical context for understanding the chakra model
  • Support physical, emotional and spiritual healing
  • Greatly enhance communication and understanding in therapeutic & clinical practice
  • Expand personal and professional healing capacity
  • Teach conscious manifestation through the chakras
  • Create a supportive network for personal growth and professional development.

What an amazing course to do. I have learnt a lot over the years attending and reading various therapies and The Rainbow Bridge puts it all together in a very practical and easy way to follow. I loved learning with the group and being in the lovely supervision of Declan and Louise. The conference calls were very supportive and a real chance to take it all in. I would highly recommend this course, especially if you are a therapist as we know its just as important to look after ourselves too.” – Ciara, Co Wexford

The journey consists of:

  • 7 teaching days
  • 6 conference calls
  • A comprehensive home study programme, including course manual, guided meditations, exercises at home or in nature to enrich and support your daily practice and to integrate the healing process into your life
  • Creating a community of support
  • Exclusive access to further Soul Medicine courses on completion of the programme.

“I found the course very empowering. I feel much stronger within myself, I would recommend The Rainbow Bridge to everyone. It is good for self healing and also to find your true life path or anyone who is thinking of healing others should start with The Rainbow Bridge workshop.” – Marian, Co Meath

Introduction – Day by Day – Dates – Costs/Discounts – Booking – About– Testimonials

Day by Day

Day 1 – Base & Call 1 – Base at Home

Through the Base Chakra, we connect to the essence of our survival as human beings. During these sessions, we explore our territory on earth, our tribal urges and needs and our durability, strength and rootedness. We set out the foundations of the course, including shamanic techniques for holding power, respect and healing energy in the circle.

Day 2 – Sacral & Call 2 – Sacral at Home

Journeying through the Sacral Chakra, we explore our impulse to create, to reproduce our inner impulses in the material world, our desires for emotional connections with others. During these sessions, we explore creativity, emotions and neediness/detachment: How do I release addictive and co-dependent patterns in relationships? What do I need for my emotional nourishment?

Day 3 – Solar & Call 3 – Solar at Home

Working with the Solar Plexus invites us to define ourselves as human beings, to come into healthy balance with our ego, with our ability to maintain healthy boundaries and to be present in the outer world. During these sessions we explore status, power, success and the healthy ego.

Day 4 – Heart & Call 4 – Heart at Home

The Heart calls us to put love at the centre of our lives, to connect with others from our centre and to heal the heart wounds from uncentred love connections. During these sessions we examine giving and receiving love and ways of connecting with the heart’s true desire.

Day 5 – Throat & Call 5 – Throat at Home

Learning how to speak our own truth and listen to the truth of others is a key aspect of the Throat Chakra. During these sessions we work with deep listening and loving speech and also with other techniques to heal blocks to clear communication.

Day 6 – Brow & Call 6 – Brow at Home

The Brow or 3rd Eye Chakra is our place for intuition, sometimes even clairvoyance or other psychic gifts. During these sessions we look at divination and unblocking our connection to our psychic intuition as tools for connecting to our higher wisdom.

Day 7 – Crown

At the end of this journey through the chakras, we come to the Crown, our connection to all that is, to our personal star from where we were dreamed into being. During this session we connect back to our celestial origins in the cosmos, reinvigorating our connection to the initial magic of creation from the beginnings of time as we know it. We also celebrate completing our journey together with the awarding of course completion certificates and a sharing of food.

Introduction – Day by Day – Dates – Costs/Discounts – Booking – About– Testimonials

2020/2021 Dates

Dates for 2020/21 Teaching Days are below. 

  • Base – 21 November 2020
  • Sacral – 19 December 2020
  • Solar – 16 January 2021
  • Heart – 13 February 2021
  • Throat – 13 March 2021
  • Brow – 10 April 2021
  • Crown – 8 May 2021

Teaching Days & Conference Calls

  • Each Teaching Day, except the Crown day, will run from 10:00am to 5:30pm with 3 breaks, including for lunch.
  • The Crown Chakra day will run from 10am to around 7pm, to allow space for a closing ceremony. There will be 4 breaks including lunch on this day.
  • Conference Call times between the teaching days will be scheduled to suit each group, typically are on a weekday evening.
  • Each call will last for 1 hour approx.
  • All Teaching Days and Conference Calls will be conducted via Zoom. 

Introduction – Day by Day – Dates – Costs/Discounts – Booking – About– Testimonials

Costs & Early Bird Discounts

The course costs between €450 and €550. We offer discounts for one-off payments and early bird bookings and for previous Rainbow Bridge participants.  We offer this course at a special rate this year as it is the first year we are doing this purely online.


Early Bird Rates (available until 31 October 2020)

Initial payment of €100 (paid by 31 October 2020) followed by a single payment of €350 (final payment due by 21 November 2020) = €450 in total

OR A single payment of €450 (due by 31 October 2020)

OR Instalment plan: initial payment of €100 (paid by 31 October 2020) followed by 4 payments of €100 (final payment due by 13 February 2021) = €500 in total.

Full Rates (after 21 October 2020)

Initial payment of €100 followed by a single payment of €395 (final payment due by 21 November 2020) = €495 in total

OR A single payment of €495 (due by 21 November 2020)

OR Instalment plan: initial payment of €100 (due by 21 November 2020) followed by 4 payments of €112.50 (final payment due by 13 February 2021) = €550 in total.


We accept payments by bank transfer/standing order, paypal subscription or one off payments can be processed by credit/debit card.


We offer discounts for one-off payments and for booking early.

Additional discounts are also available for previous Rainbow Bridge course participants, who would like to repeat the programme, email for further information.

Introduction – Day by Day – Dates – Costs/Discounts – Booking – About– Testimonials

“Over the past 7 months, I have found the tools Declan and Louise have provided me with on my Rainbow Bridge experience life changing. I feel I have grown and let go of useless baggage I have carried throughout my life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Louise and Declan” – Ursula Chopra, Co Cork

Introduction – Day by Day – Dates – Costs/Discounts – Booking – About– Testimonials


Rainbow Bridge Graduates Speak of their experience:

Booking and Information

If you have any questions you’d like to ask us about the course, please email us on – .

We will start posting course manuals from Ireland at the end of October. Given the delays in postage during these times, it is possible that you may not receive your course manual before the course starts, especially if you book late or are not based in Europe. In this case, we will ensure you have some course material ahead of the first teaching day.

To book a place on the Rainbow Bridge, please complete the booking form below and we will be in touch with further information to make your payment.

About Declan & Louise

IMG_2983 Declan Hammond is co-founder and former director of The Irish School of Homeopathy, is a homeopath, transpersonal therapist and shamanic practitioner. His life and work has been a passionate search for the most effective healing tools for himself and his patients. This journey has taken him all over the globe studying Eastern and Western approaches to healing, tantra yoga and traditional shamanic practices. Declan has developed a unique synthesis of these ancient and modern healing techniques and works with individuals and groups to empower deep personal growth and spiritual development.


Louise O’Donnell is an experienced shamanic practitioner and natural clairvoyant and has undergone extensive training and initiations. She had a busy shamanic practice in Harley Street and Kensington in London before being called by spirit to work in the corporate world, to travel, and eventually, to emigrate. Her studies of the chakras come through her training as a Reiki Master, working with Toltec shamanism in Mexico, the Open to Channel programme in Australia, tantric training with Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita and studies of the shamanism of England and Wales in Glastonbury. Louise facilitates transformational change in a broad range of organisations. She guides individuals and groups in meditation, shamanic work and ceremony in Ireland, the UK and internationally. She has a number of published articles about shamanic work, sacred sites, transformational change and the holiness of the “ordinary”.

Introduction – Day by Day – Dates – Costs/Discounts – Booking – About– Testimonials