Michael & Ciara's wedding

Soul Medicine (my partner Louise O’Donnell and I) provides ceremonies for a wide range of significant events in the lives of individuals, couples, families and communities including:


Naming Ceremonies House and Land Clearings Weddings Significant Rites of Passage Funerals Community Ceremonies, e.g. Healing Ceremonies, marking the Celtic Calendar, etc.

You can see some of our most recent ceremonial work on the Soul Medicine Facebook page or check here for any upcoming public ceremonial events.

If you would like us to create a ceremony with you, contact declan@soulmedicine.ie or call +353 1 202 0018.

A Soul Medicine Circle at Winter Solstice Sunrise 2013. With thanks to www.wintersolstice.ie for the photo.


Photo credits:

Aetherlight Photography


A Year of Festivals in Ireland