Declan Hammond has a busy practice working online via zoom. He works with individuals of all ages presenting with a wide range of life and health challenges using his knowledge and experience of the worlds of homeopathy, shamanism and tantra. Many come looking for a gentler alternative to healing than that offered by conventional medicine and often for spiritual support in their life’s journey. He also offers supervision for homeopaths and other health professionals.

What To Expect From A Session

A typical first session can last up to an hour. We will explore the issues presenting in your health, family medical history, ancestral patterns and a holistic sense of who you are as a person in your life and relationships. The way we explore varies – each session is unique and draws deeply on the practices of homeopathy, shamanism and tantra, in a combination as unique as each individual. We will then create a clear intention for our work together and agree a treatment plan. Following this, you will typically be prescribed a homeopathic remedy (or remedies) and given instructions on how to work with these. A follow up session typically lasts 30 minutes and explores your responses to the remedy (or remedies) and your healing process.

How To Prepare For A Session

To prepare for a session, reflect on your reasons for coming; consider your current circumstances, your past history, your family history and what you would like to achieve from our sessions.

Booking An Appointment

If you are interested in booking a session, you can contact or call +353 1 202 0018. Or you can book online. Click here to find out about how to pay and rates.

Supervision for Homeopaths and Health Professionals

If you are interested in support and mentoring for your professional practice, you can contact or call +353 1 202 0018.