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A vision for healing and transformation nourished by the worlds of homeopathy, shamanism and tantra. Soul Medicine is about providing safe and confidential spaces for individuals and groups facing major life and health challenges; a place where each person is supported in their journey to health, wholeness and spiritual emergence.


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Declan Hammond is a homeopath, transpersonal therapist and shamanic practitioner, co-founder and former director of The Irish School of Homeopathy. His life and work has been a passionate search for the most effective healing tools for himself and his patients. This journey has taken him all over the globe studying Eastern and Western approaches to healing, tantra yoga and traditional shamanic practices. Declan has developed a unique synthesis of these ancient and modern healing techniques and works with individuals and groups to empower deep personal growth and spiritual development.

His passion is working with people challenged by non-ordinary states of consciousness, who are undergoing Spiritual Emergency/Psychosis type experiences. He has a particular interest in drug harm reduction and integration work and is part of the Kosmicare Medical Team at Boom Festival.


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Declan has been interviewed for a number of podcasts on topics ranging from the Healing Power of Illness to Grief, Menopause and Men’s Work.


The Compassionate Search for the Lost Soul

The Compassionate Search for the Lost Soul

The search for the lost soul: Addiction is rife in all parts of society. Some of these addictions are more socially acceptable than others. Every culture has its prejudices for and against certain substances and behaviours: Addicts everywhere are condemned for their refusal…

Healing And Transformation Through Cancer

Healing And Transformation Through Cancer

Being willing to stay in the presence of death, one’s own death, while we journey with our cancer patients, keeps the mind focused on the important parts of the journey ahead. It is the ultimate companion and one that keeps everything else in proportion.

Death – The Final Frontier

Death – The Final Frontier

My first encounters with dying patients were nervous, uncertain affairs. Unsure of my role as a homeopath and the needs of my patients, I let myself be guided by the demands of family members who wanted me to “do something” or by the requests of medical staff for “gentle medication”. I noticed that my responses to these demands were often clouded…

The Death Of A Child – A Parent’s Choice For Life

The Death Of A Child – A Parent’s Choice For Life

When I finally returned to my homeopathic practice, I found that my experiences had blessed me with a new level of understanding and empathy for my patients. Not surprisingly, many new patients came to me dealing with the awful heartbreak of the loss of a child. These died through miscarriage…

Homeopathy & the Soul – Interview with Declan Hammond

Homeopathy & the Soul – Interview with Declan Hammond

When I first travelled to Peru, the teacher I came to work with asked me about my work. In broken Spanish, I tried to speak about what I did and how I work with homeopathic remedies. He struggled while I tried to explain how these were energy medicines, made by a process of dilution…

Kosmicare – A Safe Place for Difficult Experiences

Kosmicare – A Safe Place for Difficult Experiences

My time with Kosmicare has been one of the most inspiring experiences of my professional life. My skills and abilities were well appreciated and used. Treating so many guests, who were prepared to trust and explore…

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