Soul Medicine

Soul Medicine is a vision for Healing and Transformation that is nourished by the worlds of Homeopathy, Shamanism and Tantra Yoga. Declan Hammond has created a unique synthesis of these ancient and modern healing techniques to empower deep personal growth and spiritual transformation. Soul Medicine is about providing a safe and confidential space for individuals and groups to support transition in the face of major life and health challenges; a space where these challenges are understood to be opportunities for growth and development; where each person is supported in their journey to health, wholeness and spiritual emergence.


Homeopathy is a safe and effective form of energy medicine that has been used successfully for more than two hundred years. It is an invitation to live life in harmony with our deepest nature and offers a real alternative to anyone looking for a more natural approach to health and healing. It had been proved itself to be extremely effective in helping patients recover from a vast range of ailments, ranging from from acute infectious illnesses to deep-seated chronic conditions. Emotional states such as anxiety, depression, as well as psychological and psychiatric complaints, respond especially well to homeopathic treatment, as do challenges of a more specifically spiritual nature. These are considered to be symptomatic of underlying energetic imbalances and are treated in the context of all aspects of the patient’s life, both personal and ancestral. 

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Shamanism is an ancient spiritual and healing practice, possibly the oldest on the planet, dating back 50,000 years, at least. It has grown out of humanity’s relationship with the earth and all her inhabitants and is a way of connecting with the great store of wisdom that has been accumulated by our ancestors throughout the ages. Central to the practice of indigenous shamanism is the initiation or healing crisis, typically an encounter with death or a life-threatening illness. The shaman is the wounded healer who, after surviving her/his own initiation and having learnt to integrate the experiences of sickness, suffering, dying and death, can then support those who face these challenges in their own lives. 


Sri Yantra

Tantra is an art, a science, a spiritual path and a lifestyle. In its essence, it is a path of transformation with its roots in the shamanic practices of ancient India, and it embraces all of life. Tantra recognises that every aspect of life is considered to be potentially divine and can be used as a tool to expand awareness, to heal and to enable practitioners reach their highest potential. According to this, every state of body/mind can be transformed to bring about spiritual awakening. As a spiritual path, Tantra is unique in understanding, respecting and embracing the polarity of masculine and feminine energies and the need to find a balance between these energies within one’s own being and in relationship with others. 

Plant Spirit

TeacherPlants have been used medicinally by traditional healers since the dawn of time. In each culture, certain plants have been considered to be teacher or master plants. These have been used ceremonially over millennia for initiation, deep healing and rites of passage and were considered to be the most important plants in each of their traditions. Their exact nature may vary but, from Lapland to the Amazon and from India to the Andes, the reverence of the teacher/master plant as a plant of the gods was universal. As we are living in a culture without rites of passage, where people are experiencing soul loss, and may be opening up to expanded states of awareness, different realities, without any appropriate context, we have tremendous need for a form of medicine to support this process. Patients often present to their doctors with these states only to be diagnosed as psychotic, delusional or even schizophrenic. In traditional indigenous cultures these would be recognised for what they are, spiritual emergence states, and patients would be supported by the appropriate plants.