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Homeopathy & the Soul – Interview with Declan Hammond

When I first travelled to Peru, the teacher I came to work with asked me about my work. In broken Spanish, I tried to speak about what I did and how I work with homeopathic remedies. He struggled while I tried to explain how these were energy medicines, made by a process of dilution and succussion, until finally he burst into a big grin of recognition. “You work with spirit medicine; you work with the spirits of the plants and animals!”, he said. “That’s what we do here in the jungle”.  And he was right, we do the same things.

Read my recent interview with Evelyn Einhaeuser in the Synergies in Healing Journal:




Soul Loss And Recovery With Homeopathy

Although much of the language and concepts of our homeopathic ancestors, such as Hahnemann, need updating, the challenge inherent in his work resounds through the years. Hahnemann devoted his life to finding the most effective ways of using homeopathy, to heal the sick and to support them in their search for their “higher purpose’. His spirit calls out to us, challenges us to continue this search.

Article by Declan Hammond for about working with Homeopathy and the novel remedy Tabernanthe iboga to heal soul loss.